How to Look Drop-Dead Gorgeous In Satin Green Dresses

We often find satin green colors on long dresses. These long dresses usually have solid-colored satin green colors regardless of what shades of green (light or dark green) they have. Other than dresses, we can also find these colors in other accessories, such as scarves.  Like any other fashion attires with satin fabrics, these attires produce elegant touches...

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How To Create A Stylish Look With Catsuit

Referring to several famous fashion weeks in spring-summer 2022, the catsuit is predicted to be the fashion trend of 2022. A catsuit is similar to a jumpsuit with tighter models and fabrics accentuating the bodyline. Although the outfit is mostly found as a female superhero’s suit, with the right styling women could rock the outfit. Famous celebrities who...

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Chic Villager and Farmer Styles

In the fashion world, villagers and farmers are all about long, flowing dresses with floral prints. At some points, the dresses only need to be midi-length, but still, retain the long and flowing characteristics. The fabrics tend to be lightweight and support scorching hot temperatures around the villages and farming areas. Straw hats are usually the accessories that...

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5 Best Tips to Look Classy for You

Classy style is not always about wearing branded and expensive fashion items. Typically, how to look classy is about classic and minimalist styles. Having simple but classy, all people must want this. So, if you want to look classy, let’s check all the tips in the following paragraphs. Don’t forget to take notes. Wear Solid Neutral Colors Bold...

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5 Styling Tips How to Look Taller

Fashion is not only for tall people like depicted by professional models out there. Indeed, fashion is for everyone no matter how tall or short they are. If you have a short height, don’t even insecure about that. Embracing and loving every inch of the body is a must. You can still look stylish everywhere you go when...

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How to Wear Batik Like a Pro

Batik is one of the Indonesian heritages that most foreigners love - because they won’t get it elsewhere. The batik prints are more popular in Bali than in other Indonesian regions. Even so, you can wear batik fashions like a pro, no matter what batik patterns you are wearing. We don’t even limit you to batik sarong since...

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Don’t Try These Fashion Mistakes Everywhere

Ideally, the sky's the limit when it comes to mixing and matching between different fashion attires. Nonetheless, we can’t deny that we live in a limited world. So, certain fashion items and styles are just unacceptable. When we wear any of these fashion items and styles, we will experience things we refer to as fashion disasters. Too many...

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